We are committed to offering each person who completes our training
program the opportunity to receive job placement in the automotive
industry as a certified mechanic or technician.

Petra Cares is dedicated to supporting young adults transitioning out of foster care and homeless, at-risk youth. Our mission is to eliminate barriers and offer exceptional training opportunities to empower our students to graduate, secure employment, and build stable futures for themselves and their families, thereby creating a ripple effect of positive change for generations to come.

At Petra Automotive Products and Petra Cares, we are deeply committed to investing in the next generation, both locally and globally. We believe that everyone has a purpose, and sometimes all it takes is a guiding hand or a clear path to unlock their potential. By extending this support, we not only transform individual lives but also uplift entire families and leave a lasting impact on future generations. In doing so, we strive to reshape the economic landscape of our world for the better.


Over the years, Petra has been a staunch supporter of various charitable endeavors. However, recognizing the escalating needs in Houston, Petra took a decisive step in 2021 by establishing its own non-profit organization to effect greater local change. After careful consideration, the focus was set on addressing the pressing issue of young adults transitioning out of the foster care system.

Statistics reveal a sobering reality: within three years of leaving foster care, 80% of these youths face homelessness, incarceration, or worse. It’s imperative for the community to rally around these vulnerable individuals during this pivotal phase, as many lack the necessary education, social skills, and support systems to navigate adulthood successfully.

Our strategic approach aimed to provide a solution to uplift one of society’s most marginalized demographics. While some organizations excel in offering post-transition housing support, few tackle the equally critical challenge of securing meaningful employment.

We are uniquely positioned to make a tangible difference in the lives of these youths. Through our tailored training program and by leveraging our connections within the automotive industry, we’re dedicated to guiding these individuals towards fulfilling careers and a brighter future.

Our Mission

Unlocking purpose
for the vulnerable.

Our Vision

Removing barriers to educate and empower parentless and parenting young adults.

  • P – Purpose
  • E – Education
  • T – Training
  • R – Responsibility
  • A – Achievement

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